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Friday, June 18, 2010

"quite the good talker!"

okay so call me an overacheiver, but i have 3 kids under 4 all asleep at the same time. that N.E.V.E.R H.A.P.P.E.N.S.....and while there is SO much to get done (take the baby tub out of the sink, wipe the soaking wet counters and floors, clean up lunch...and breakfast...dishes, put laundry away, rinse out josephine's dirty onsie...) i am too afraid to wake one or all of them up so the quietest thing i can think of doing is adding a new blog post...

so yesterday nik took noah to his parents to pick up our rotatiller and i had a rare hour with just isabella. we needed a few basics so we headed over to dollar general (have i mentioned the love i have for that place?) we were meandering our way around the store, taking our time to point at everything we saw and talk about what we needed and wanted to buy when an employee came up to talk to isabella. the lady told her how beautiful her hair was (bells just says "yeah" now when someone says that...she's so used to it. that is just about the only time i have to remind her to say thank you!) the lady gave her a few more compliments and asked her a few questions before she continued to stock the shelf. as we walked away isabella says to me "who's dat mama? nice lady?" and i said "yeah she was a nice lady wasn't she? she works here" "say della (bella) nice hair huh mama?" "yes bell, she said you had nice hair." "she nice geel (girl) mama." typical bells. if someone thinks she's pretty and compliments her she is thier new best friend.

the best part of this story isn't even that cute little exchange between bella and i. we walked down the next aisle and as i'm searching the shelf for red raspberry jam i hear the employee in the next aisle over say to another employee "did you see that pretty little girl in here? the one with the long curly hair?" to which the other employee said "yeah she's a cutie". so then the first lady says "she is isn't she? and quite the good talker! she was talking a mile a minute and had so much to say!"

i almost started crying. QUITE THE GOOD TALKER!!! i remember at one point thinking she had apraxia and reading up on it and realizing that some kids NEVER talk. and i was convinced that she would be one of them. and here she is a year later. quite the good talker. and she is. but to hear someone else say it (and they didn't even KNOW i was listening) makes it so real as to how far she has come. it still totally shocks me when someone who doesn't really know her can understand what she says. i still think that we are the only ones who can understand her, and i always start to translate for people, but now they are starting to cut me off and tell ME what she said. and i let them, because is there anything better than realizing that one of your wishes has come true?

it is times like this that i don't mind updating her baby book. because even if she didn't meet that milestone on time, guess what? she's quite the good talker now.


  1. how awesome is THAT?!? i am totally cheering for you guys over here, and i'd like to meet this lady and shake her hand. :) what a joyful moment for you both! (and somehow, i think that dollar general just won a customer for life if you weren't already....) ;)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I started to tear up when I read what they said! That is wonderful. Isn't it amazing how they grow and learn! See, we worry for nothing! :(

    I am visiting via Enjoying the Small Things and your sweet comment there above mine tonight. I always like to come over and say to a few commenters above me. I know that I would love anyone that loves that blog :)

    Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day. So nice to meet you today!