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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy busy busy

Seems like there is so much to write about and so little time to do it! The kids are keeping me super busy lately, wanting to play and eat and play and eat pretty much nonstop. Works out well, cuz those are two of my favorite things to do as well! And on top of two of my own keeping me busy, we recently started watching a 5 month old angel baby named Josephine:

Isabella loves her like crazy. I love how she says "baby josaseeen is heah!!" when she gets dropped off in the morning. And when I picked Bella up from her summer program at school yesterday instead of saying "my mommy's here!!" (as she usually does) she yelled "my baby's here!!" because I had Josephine in the stroller with me. Noah on the the other hand isn't as sure about her...he's curious, but not yet I have been busy just trying to keep him at a safe distance.

We've also been busy with our usual activities of playing on the deck with friends and family. Serena comes about once a week (I think you are overdue this week for your visit tho sista!) and last week Jen and the kids came to splash in the pool. Hands down, my favorite activity right now is drinking virgin margaritas on the back porch with friends while our little monkeys play.

We had a FABULOUS time on our family get-away to amish country this weekend. We literally could have just stayed in the hotel room for 5 days straight and our kids would have kept themselves entertained. Noah was his usual self running into walls and smacking his head on tables every few minutes, but aside from the few tears shed because of this, he was so happy. Especially when he discovered the tissue dispenser in the bathroom!

My favorite part of the weekend, tho, was getting to sleep all night with Isabella. Until Noah was born, Bells and I slept (literally) intertwined every night, and although I got next to NO sleep for those two years, I have really really missed having her next to me. So Nik got Noah to sleep and I fell asleep with Bells while watching Toy Story 2, and it was heaven on earth feeling her warm breath on my back all night. And everytime she would roll over and briefly wake up, she would reach for me (just as she did every night for those first two years) and she would wrap an arm around my neck or tuck her legs between my knees and quickly fall back to dreamland. I loved it. So much that on Sunday night when I climbed into bed at home, I actually got back up, scooped my little love from her bed and plopped her in bed with me.

And then on monday we had a family night at Bella's school with activities and crafts and an ice cream social! Doesn't get much more fun than that!

As for other noteworthy updates, I had a rare opportunity to go to Cleveland to see my dad with both my brother AND my sister at the same time. It was the first time we were all together there in almost two years. It was a nice time, but also very sad as we were really there to visit my uncle Bob who is battling stage 4 cancer.

So we are busy! And getting busier by the day! Tomorrow we get to watch Madalyn and Kaitlin (our "girls" as Isabella calls them) and we always look forward to having them. Hard to believe that when I started watching them Kaitlin was just a little older than Isabella is now. Now she is going into first grade! Last week when they were over they were so excited to meet the new kittens that our neighbors next door just got... one of which almost went home with Jen later that week when she was leaving our playdate! (literally almost went home... she didn't realize it was in her van until she was a block away!)

In between all the playing and socializing, Bella still has school, which is now 3 days a week instead of 2. Sooo, needless to say, all of this activity is totally exhausting, and by the end of the day the kids are totally zonked. Which is just fine with me. =)

So we rest until we wake up and the busy-ness starts all over again! So while we are busy busy busy, we are also happy, happy, happy!

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