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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend of Greatness

Just a quick note while the kids are still in bed (I can't believe it myself. I should be enjoying this and sleeping in myself, but it never works out that way, does it?)

So far it's been a pretty fantastic weekend. And like my good old college days, my weekend started on Thursday this week for a Girl's Night Out. I have Jen to thank for inviting me, and Dollar General to thank for giving me the courage to go out with 10 or so other women whom I had never met and really really enjoy myself. Dollar General? Yes. My favorite store. I fould the CUTEST bracelet there just before going out for just 70 cents.

So the great weekend started at Wooster Inn and continued into friday where the kids and I did nothing more than play in the baby pool. All day. Which makes me doubly happy because not only are they popsicle filled happy and exhausted at the end of a day spent in the sun, but I get a killer tan to show for it.

That, my friends, includes a tan line. Faint, I know, but I haven't had one of those in years. Since Bells has been around really. We are usually pretty climate controlled and enjoy the ac to the max, but Noah doesn't agree. So this summer we will be practically living outside, and I LOVE it.

And Saturday? Spectacular. Sun soaked and happy, I got to go shopping for new shorts while hubby played with the kids. And then I came home to have my mama over for dinner, which we ate picnic style on the front porch on the new rug she found at a garage sale for $5. We do love good deals!

So today I get to make cupcakes with my girl and then go to a pool party (for MORE sun) at Nik's aunt's house. Oh excitment!

And while there have been a few bumps along this road of near perfection (like when I had JUST put sunscreen on the kids and they decide to rub up all over the sliding glass door to the deck while they were waiting for me to take them outside...all after I had just windexed the damn things the day before....and when they both melted down out of total exhaustion at 7pm last night while Nik was mowing the lawn and I had to bathe the two most crabbiest kids in the world and then keep them as happy as possible until Nik was done mowing since there was going to be NO WAY one was going to be patient enough to let me put the other one to bed with the way they were acting) these are the most MINIMAL and welcome bumps I could ever ask for.

(that would be the disgustingness of the sunscreen on the door. Nasty, I know. But even more gross to me is how redneck our deck looks with all the plastic out there. And not to mention the need to restain it! But the kids are lovin in, and thus, so am I)

So now I'm off to continue this weekend of greatness. I just heard my cue...Bells is up and talking to Noah thru his crib slats about "puptates" (cupcakes)...i swear you tell this kid something before she goes to sleep and she dreams it and remembers it the second she wakes up!

Hope you have a weekend of greatness!

(and on a side note, hoping jen and her hubby have a fantastic week away this will be missed my friend!)

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  1. you are so sweet! i love this post! and the sunscreen on the door made me totally laugh. sad that i missed it, but am soooo glad to be back!! :) glad that you had a great weekend!