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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeling Guilty

You know how sometimes when it rains it pours? It seems like every day lately I get a call from a family member or a friend who, metaphorically speaking, needs to borrow Isabella's pink umbrella. And while I hurt because they hurt, I'm feeling pretty guilty that behind our own closed windows and doors (which are only closed now because it got so hot that i broke down and turned on the AC) we are happier than we have ever been.

The kids are loving the weather, which helps. Every morning when we get downstairs, even before diapers are changed and breakfast is made, Noah finds his green crocks (somehow knowing those are his "play shoes") and hands them to me. Isabella has decided that most of her toys are now "outside toys" and gets a little peeved when I try to bring them in at night. Yesterday was so miserably hot that Nik went to dollar general and came home with a seven dollar baby pool, which was the highlight of the kids' day.

The highlight of MY day, however was how my hubby, who is usually the sweetest and most thoughtful (even tho forgetful) man anyway, decided to up the anty and not only switch the laundry over without me even mentioning it, but also came home (after an 8oclock run to get toilet paper at dollar general (we should buy stock there honestly)) with a peanut butter cup blizzard from dairy queen for me. I do love that man.

So for these reasons, among many others, we are blissful lately. Which brings me back to feeling guilty. Is it selfishly wrong of me to want to not pick up the phone when I know the caller will bring a solemn mood? Because I know how quickly our own contentment and drama free life can turn to chaos with just one croupy cough at night from Bells. So again I I allowed to trade my guilt for ignorance and just enjoy these sunny days with my happy and (currently) healthy kids and my loving (and doting!!) husband?

And so while I try to shed the guilt, I will leave you with pictures of our recent days... how can we not be happy with memories like these?

Isabella's new summer outfit...she loves this shirt so much she keeps pulling it out of the dirty basket and handing it to me saying "ON please!"

The playhouse Nik's dad built for the kids in their backyard... while we love him for making this for them, it is in NO way babyproof or age/developmentally appropriate yet for our kids, which causes us much anxiety everytime we go over there! The kids love it however:

Nik's parents also bought Bells a Barbie Jeep off of Craig's list, which Noah has taken a fond liking to:

He did NOT, however, enjoy being confined to a swing:

Soo...back to the Barbie Jeep it was for him:

And since yesterday was Nik's day off from work, we did a whole bunch of nothing besides enjoying our kids:

(he would KILL me if he saw that I posted that pic, but it was too sweet NOT to post!)

Soon, it was getting too hot out there tho, so it was back in the house for more fun... with mama-paparazzi following close behind:

Then today, the fun started all over again... Princess Bella woke up and immediately wanted to put on one of her many "fancy dresses", this one she calls her "Sleeping Beauty" dress because it is pink...just like the real Sleeping Beauty's! Of course the only time I could get her to be still long enough for me to take a picture of her was on the potty:

"I see you, mama!!"

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures...just wanted to show you how HAPPY we are:

And to top off all this goodness, look what I found at a yard sale (FOR FREE!)...Nik and Isabella made it even more beautiful with their artwork...

Hope you all are enjoying life as much as we are today!

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